Wynn Hamlyn

Wynn Hamlyn is designed in New Zealand. Their design ethos is built upon a foundation of classical tailoring and knitwear. The brand is led by youthful joy in materiality and craftsmanship which distinguishes Wynn's expressive and technical approach to each garment.

The quality and craftsmanship in the designs deliver a sense of satisfaction and trust. This is the cornerstone of the Wynn Hamlyn offering. Premium craftsmanship, longevity and a commitment to ethical manufacturing practices are the presiding essentials of each Wynn Hamlyn piece.

Their supply chain is chosen with respect for the environment and the humans involved in the process of creating and delivering products to you. They make conscious and informed decisions to source high-quality fabrications from ethical companies as well as working with both transparent and ethically aligned local & offshore manufacturers. 

Wynn Hamlyn operates with local manufacturing in line with the Mindful Fashion Framework to maintain a transparent and honest relationship with you, the customer, on their ethical responsibilities.