Marle was founded in New Zealand by Juliet Souter, with each collection combining thoughtful, low-impact and feminine designs.

At the heart of Marle is the desire to create pieces connected to nature. Luxurious, natural fabrics inspire the design process and ensure every piece is timeless, and designed with intention, quality and longevity in mind - pieces to cherish, pass on, and to wear time and time again.

They aim to tread lightly. All knitwear is Oeko-Tex certified yarn along with majority of their silk pieces. Their basics collection is made using GOTS certified organic cotton. 

When possible they work with un-dyed fabric which conserves water, energy resources and reduces the overall footprint of the garment.

The benefit of solely using natural fibres is that fabrics and yarn made of the earth can return to the earth and break down naturally, beautifully without contributing to landfill. Not to mention their antimicrobial properties, breathability, odour resistance & ability to self-clean.