The Story of L’étagère.

2020 might’ve left us reminiscing about European Summers and that time of year when our IG feed transforms into a 70’s Italo-biopic filled with pasta, vino & tan lines – but for L’étagère, it’s become a journey of discovery and reliving memories from Summers gone by; with their online designer boutique launching into the Australian market this month.


The journey began when Perth-based architecture academic, Kathryn Neale returned from a European design study tour earlier this year. Romanticised by the Euro’s effortless approach to conscious, thoughtful design in fashion were the early beginnings of the L’étagère concept.


L’étagère is an online destination in Australia that celebrates thoughtful design. It is a place to go to be inspired, a muse for the female wanderer. Its focus: to drive conscious design back into Australian fashion – to bring attention to the slow movement, minimise waste, and supply high-quality, custom-designed pieces to our local Australian market.

It’s been a six-month process for Kathryn, curating and defining the line-up of design studios – with each designer telling their own unique tale. From Juliet Souter of Marle; a designer sourced from a small, coastal-town in NZ, who only works with natural fabrics and fibres so that they can return to the Earth and breakdown naturally, beautifully without contributing to landfill.

To regulars on the Copenhagen fashion street scene including Baum und Pferdgarten, Birgitte Herskind and Les Coyotes de Paris, who look to art, architecture and history to inform their designs and custom-fabrics.

You could say the result is a totem of its founder’s travels – a collection of the best designs across the world.

L’étagère is live online now. They offer complimentary shipping Australia-wide and a local same-day concierge delivery service for the Perth community – which could well come in handy if you like to leave your Holiday Season shopping to the last minute.

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