#hubbyhacks: DIY Coffee Scrub

I have a confession to make. I never used to be as efficient as I have become today when it comes to recycling and reuse. I am in most part grateful for Mr L'etagere who has opened my eyes to more efficient ways of living that I've never considered before. I used to waste SO much before we met, now we waste, nada.

Like many, we have a fresh brew of coffee every morning. It's a non-negotiable. No coffee, no play. But what about all those coffee grinds every-single-day that we throw into the bin once the coffee has been brewed. Crazy when you stop to think about it, right?

So one day he just started collecting our used grounds - and then after a day or so he presented me with our very own coffee scrub. Never since that day have I had to pay $20 for something which all the ingredients exist readily available day in and day out. This #hubbyhack is sharing the love so you too can make your own coffee scrub at home.

DIY Coffee Scrub


1. Remove 1 cup of coffee grounds from your french press and place onto an oven-safe tray. Place in oven on a very low temperature to dry out any excess liquid from the coffee brew. Be careful not to overdry it as it will become too course to use as an exfoliant (unless of course, you like it rough...).

2. Remove grounds from oven and mix with 1 cup of organic salt.

3. Add 1/2 cup of oil to the dry mix. We like to use Palmers Vitamin E oil, or alternatively you could use melted down coconut oil from the pantry.

But if you're feeling a little extra, or making it as a gift you could try Chantecaille's Rose de Mai body oil which would be oh so lush.

4. Store in an airtight container. Enjoy X


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