Le Journal.

  • The Story of L’étagère.

    Romanticised by the European's effortless approach to conscious, thoughtful design in fashion were the early beginnings of the L’étagère concept. This is a tale of discovery, romance & change for the better.
  • #hubbyhacks: DIY Coffee Scrub

    I have a confession to make. I never used to be as efficient as I have become today when it comes to recycling and reuse. I am in most part grateful for Mr L'etagere who has opened my eyes to more efficient ways of living that I've never considered before. Here's his four step guide to reusing your used coffee grounds at home to make your own exfoliant.
  • Recipe: Soothing Wild Rose Kombucha.

    Visit Denmark in late Spring and you'll be delighted by the sweet rose aromatics of wild roses growing everywhere. Here's our recipe for a soothing Rose kombucha that also compliments marinades and that 5pm-er cocktail.

Welcome to Le Journal.

L’étagère is a lifestyle. We want to forge a community of sharing and ideas to nurture a more sustainable and enriching way of living.

Le Journal is the embodiment of these ideas and a destination to share recipes, learnings and muses for a more supportive, and less-expendable gang of women / mothers / sisters.